Common Inspection Issues in Dallas/Fort Worth,TX

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As experienced professionals, INTELLISPECT PROPERTY INSPECTION GROUP has inspected thousands of homes, and we have seen some unusual problems come up, but more often we see common inspection issues in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, such as faulty wiring that both home buyers and home sellers should be aware of. These are issues we’ll commonly note in our inspections. If you would like to learn more about our inspection services or to schedule an inspection, give us a call at our Fort Worth location at 817-590-2630, our Dallas location at 972-359-8310, or schedule an inspection request online.

Issues We Discover

Those putting their homes on the market should especially be aware of some common inspection issues we encounter. Knowing about issues beforehand can help you plan and even budget for repairs. Among the most common problems we regularly see are:

Faulty wiring

Faulty wiring is a serious problem, and we see problems with it often. Besides causing problems with the electrical system overall, bad wiring creates a fire hazard. Issues include poor insulation or exposed wiring.

Bad grading and drainage

The landscaping may need to be regraded so that water drains away from the home better. The soil around the foundation may be eroded or too porous as a result of poor drainage from the roof, often caused by a faulty gutter system.

Poor gutters

The gutters may be clogged or dented and bent which prevents proper drainage from the house. The gutters need to be cleaned regularly, or they may need to be replaced if there are problems like leaks or sagging. 

Poorly maintained roof

Shingles and tiles may be worn or missing or the roof may be aging and needs to be replaced. Repairs need to be made to prevent issues like leaks. Roofs and gutter issues are some of the most common inspection issues we discover.

Foundation issues

Soil erosion may be causing the house to settle. There may be cracks or even leaks creating more damage. Cracks can be filled with caulking, though bigger issues may require more extensive repairs. 

Poor overall maintenance

The home may show signs of overall neglect from worn carpeting to cracked driveways that will need to be repaired.

Bad plumbing

If your plumbing has clogs or leaks, there may be issues with water pressure.

Bad ventilation

Heat in the attic could be extreme. Check the soffit to make certain they are not damaged.

Poor heating and cooling 

The HVAC system may be defective, causing the system to use more energy to run less efficiently. Parts may need to be replaced or the system may need to be repaired.

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