End-of-Builder Warranty in Dallas/Fort Worth,TX

Inspector on Ladder Checks Roof.

Warranty Inspection

When you buy a new home, problems often arise over the course of the first year. Builders offer a 1-year warranty on a new home and within this warranty period, they are liable for any repairs that need to be made or correct defects within the home. Homeowners often let this warranty expire and then find out too late that their builder could have paid for any repairs that fall under the warranty. With an end-of-builder warranty inspection in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, new homeowners find out if there are any defects that need to be repaired by the builder. If you are nearing the end of your first year in a new home and would like INTELLISPECT PROPERTY INSPECTION GROUP to inspect it for you, you can book an appointment online or give us a call at our Fort Worth location at 817-590-2630 or our Dallas location at 972-359-8310.

How We Can Help

As experienced professionals who have performed thousands of inspections, we know that not all new homes are created equal. No matter how good the builder is, new homes usually have flaws that need to be corrected. The builder is usually under warranty for the first year after the home is bought and responsible for correcting any flaws under warranty. With an end-of-builder warranty inspection, skilled professionals like those at INTELLISPECT PROPERTY INSPECTION GROUP can uncover any defects the builder may have left behind. As a homeowner, if you suspect your new home has flaws, make sure to call our Fort Worth location at  817-590-2630 or Dallas location at 972-359-8310 to reach our experienced team to schedule an inspection.

When you choose INTELLISPECT PROPERTY INSPECTION GROUP for an end-of-builder warranty inspection in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, you will receive a top-quality inspection from an inspector that’s code-certified by the International Code Council. This organization writes the code home builders follow, and only about 5% of all home inspectors in Texas are certified by them. While most inspectors follow inspection standards set down for existing homes by the Texas Real Estate Commission, we have the insight of the ICC code to go by. So, we understand exactly what standards builders are supposed to follow. 

This allows us to provide you an end-of-builder warranty inspection that’s more detailed than most. This makes us less likely to miss any problems. Moreover, we use thermal imaging cameras in our inspections to make sure all details are captured. Thermal imaging catches flaws like moisture build up inside walls or inadequate insulation, a common problem in new homes. All inspections include a detailed report as well as photos documenting all issues requiring builder response.

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Before your builder’s warranty expires, make sure you get an end-of-builder-warranty inspection in North Richland Hills, TX from our reliable and experienced professionals. Schedule an appointment by calling our Fort Worth location at 817-590-2630 or Dallas location at 972-359-8310.