Property Inspection in Fort Worth, TX

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Experienced Inspections

When you need an experienced home inspection professional in Fort Worth, TX, you can rely on INTELLISPECT PROPERTY INSPECTION GROUP. We are a fully insured and licensed home and commercial inspection service that provides a wide range of inspections. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, or maintain a commercial property, we will provide you with one of the most detailed property inspection reports available. To schedule services, book a request online or call us at 817-590-2630 or 972-359-8310.

For Home Buyers

Once a seller has accepted your offer, your next step should be a home property inspection. We’ve inspected thousands of homes, and will provide you a detailed report of the home’s condition, from the roof to the foundation. This inspection will give you valuable information about the home so you can make informed decisions about the property.

For Home Sellers

Getting a pre-listing property inspection before you put your home on the market can be invaluable. Not only can you make repairs but you are less likely to encounter any surprises that could cause the buyer to renegotiate on the deal. 

  • Home Buyers Over the years we’ve inspected thousands of homes, and understand how to objectively assess the home’s condition.
  • Home Sellers Use the information from a pre-listing inspection as a marketing tool. This inspection lets buyers know a professional has inspected the home.
  • End-of-Builder Warranty Inspection Ensure your builder’s warranty is upheld, and inspect your home for any needed repair work.

Commercial Building Inspection

We offer a full range of commercial inspection services for all types of buildings, including multi-family residences, industrial and institutional buildings. We cover the structural soundness of the building and mechanical systems like plumbing and HVAC.   

Schedule an Appointment

Whether you need a detailed property inspection in Fort Worth, TX, you can depend on the experienced professionals at INTELLISPECT PROPERTY INSPECTION GROUP. Schedule an appointment by calling 817-590-2630 or 972-359-8310.