Inspection FAQ in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

In Inspector Checks a New Home With a Buyer.

What is a Home Inspection?

Home inspections involve a visual examination of the home’s structure and systems. Inspections include a detailed report of defects and problems, along with photos to document issues. For thoroughness, our inspections include thermal imaging.

Why Do You Need a Home Inspection?

Whether you are buying or selling a home, a home inspection gives you a detailed picture of the home’s condition and documents any defects or flaws. Inspections allow buyers and sellers to make informed decisions about the home before any contracts or agreements are finalized. The inspection may affect the price of the home. 

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

Our home inspections start at $340 and will vary based on the age of the house, size of the house, type of foundation, and ancillary services desired (e.g. pool, termite inspection,etc.). If you need a professional, fairly-priced inspection from one of the highest-rated and most experienced Dallas-Fort Worth home inspection companies, call us today at 817-590-2630 or 972-359-8310 or click here to schedule online.

Can You Inspect the Home Yourself?

Few homeowners have the experience or expertise of professional inspectors like those at INTELLISPECT PROPERTY INSPECTION GROUP. We’ve inspected thousands of homes in the DFW Metroplex and know almost instinctively what potential problems we’ll encounter. We also are familiar with current building codes and the elements of home construction and how systems within the home interrelate. Our inspections are objective, meant to provide necessary information about the home’s condition.  

Do Homes “Pass” or “Fail” Home Inspections?

Simply put, No. Home inspections are not appraisals for market value, though they could affect that value in negotiations between buyers and sellers. Inspections are meant to inform you about the home’s current condition.

When Should You Contact the Home Inspector?

Ideally, you should get an inspection once the seller has accepted your offer and most contracts include an option period for the home inspection. If you are selling a house, a pre-listing inspection should occur well before you ever put the home on the market. Make sure to request your inspection as soon as possible. You can do this online or by calling 817-590-2630 or 972-359-8310.

How Long Does the Home Inspection Take?

The time will vary, although an average comprehensive inspection takes 2 to 3 hours.

Are All Inspection Reports the Same?

While the State of Texas requires a written report, the details of the report may vary depending upon who provides the inspection. Some may just be handwritten reports with check boxes or included generic information. With INTELLISPECT PROPERTY INSPECTION GROUP you receive a detailed narrative report, along photos that document fully any problems. Our reports are emailed to clients and available online if you sign up for password-protected account.

Should You Be Present for the Inspection?

Although it’s not necessary to be present, we recommend it. That way you can ask questions and you can actually see for yourself any problems we catch. You’ll learn how the systems work together and how to properly maintain them.

What if the Report Reveals Problems?

No home, even new ones, will be problem free. The purpose of the inspection isn’t keep you from buying the home. It just informs you of the home’s condition and may be used as a tool to renegotiate the price.

How Do You Find a Good Inspector?

You can find inspectors by searching online, through word of mouth or referrals. Real estate agents also keep lists of inspectors you can call. Make sure whoever you choose is highly experienced and will provide you with a detailed report.

What Are Good Questions To Ask To Ensure You Get the Best Inspection?

One tip is to ask for a sample report, which is something we provide. You will want to ask for recent and previous referrals and to find out if they have errors and omissions insurance. You will also want to know how long their inspections take and if they get on the roof.