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Whether you are buying, leasing, financing a commercial property, or even simply maintaining that property, at some point, you’ll want to get a property & home condition assessment. With this, you’ll have a better understanding of the building’s structural integrity and how well its mechanical systems like HVAC and plumbing are operating. For this assessment, you’ll need a qualified team of professionals that provide property & home condition inspections in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. We have just such a team at INTELLISPECT PROPERTY INSPECTION GROUP. When you need a professional, experienced team for a property & home condition inspection, you can schedule us by calling our Fort Worth location at 817-590-2630 or Dallas location at 972-359-8310.

Our Assessment Offerings

When you choose INTELLISPECT PROPERTY INSPECTION GROUP for a property & home condition inspection, you’ll be getting a team of highly qualified and skill-certified building inspectors and engineering consultants, as well as mechanical equipment contractors and roofing contractors. We have plenty of experience and technical expertise, so you can expect superior service.

We customize each of our PCAs for individual clients depending on the level of inspection you need. All of our property & home condition inspections, no matter the type, will provide our clients with a significant amount of valuable information about the status of the building’s structural integrity and operational level of its major components.

Our comprehensive service offerings range from basic structural examinations to extensive checks of mechanical systems including your heating and cooling systems, electrical system, as well as plumbing. We also make detailed assessments of the building’s cladding, roofing and other components of the building envelope. When you are ready for a professional assessment, call our Fort Worth location at 817-590-2630 or in Dallas call 972-359-8310.

We provide our commercial inspection services for a wide range of property types, from industrial services to institutional services to office and retail spaces, as well as multifamily residential buildings and specialty facilities such as churches and sports facilities.

Inspection Report

We follow up our property & home condition inspection with a detailed inspection report that provides multiple levels of information. Depending on the type of inspection we’ve provided, the report may include assessments of repair work needed and immediacy of that work and potential costs of the work, along with an estimate of the remaining lifespan for building components such as the HVAC system. Additionally, we provide photographic documentation of any areas of concern with the report. Since we also use thermal imaging for many of our inspections, you will receive images from those cameras as well. All information collected is thoroughly documented.

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If you are looking for a professional team to assess your property, let INTELLISPECT PROPERTY INSPECTION GROUP provide you with a top-quality property & home condition inspection in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. To schedule an appointment call us in Fort Worth at 817-590-2630 or Dallas at 972-359-8310.