Institutional Building Inspection

Exterior of a Modern Hospital.

Comprehensive Inspection Services

INTELLISPECT PROPERTY INSPECTION GROUP provides a wide range of commercial inspection services for different property types including institutional buildings like schools and hospitals. With an institutional building inspection in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, and surrounding cities, you get a team of experts that assess the building’s structural soundness, as well as the soundness of systems like electrical and plumbing. If you are investing in, selling or maintaining an institutional building and need our inspection expertise, place an online inspection request or give us a call in Fort Worth at 817-590-2630 or Dallas at 972-359-8310.

How We Help

With an institutional building inspection, you’ll get a full picture of the property’s condition. The information gathered can be valuable for future planning and budgeting or used as leverage when buying or selling the property. 

We provide a comprehensive visual inspection, and often use FLIR thermal imaging to catch problems that may otherwise remain hidden like moisture or inadequate insulation. We also take photos of areas of concern that we provide to our clients along with our report. Our team of expert inspectors, engineers and contractors cover all areas with our institutional building inspection, from checking the roofs and foundations to making sure the electrical systems, plumbing and heating and cooling are operating efficiently. If you are looking for experienced professionals to provide an institutional building inspection, request an appointment online or call us in Fort Worth at 817-590-2630 or Dallas at 972-359-8310.

We customize our inspections to fit with our clients. We can perform general inspections of the building’s structure or go deeper with more technical inspections of mechanical systems like the ventilation.

Once we complete the inspection, we provide clients with a detailed, clear and concise narrative of our findings, along with the photos that document problem areas. The reports may also include assessments of repair costs and repair timelines, as well as estimates of the remaining life of components and mechanical systems.

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A building inspection can be a valuable resource for investors or owners. When you need an institutional inspection in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, by qualified inspectors, you can rely on our team. Schedule us online or call us in Fort Worth at 817-590-2630 or Dallas at 972-359-8310 to book an appointment.