Thermal Imaging in North Richland Hills, TX

A Thermal Imaging Camera Is Used to Detect Energy Loss.

Technically Advanced

When you get a home or commercial building inspection, you expect thoroughness and detail. Most home inspectors promise such detail. They may not always deliver. What sets INTELLISPECT PROPERTY INSPECTION GROUP apart from other services is our experience, and our willingness to adapt the latest technologies into our inspection services. Not only have we been around since 2002, and have inspected thousands of properties, we’ve incorporated thermal imaging into our inspections to get complete results. If you want the most detailed inspection using thermal imaging in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, then we are the team to call. Request an inspection either online or by calling us in Fort Worth at 817-590-2630 or in Dallas at 972-359-8310.

Detailed Images

What is thermal imaging and why do we use it? Thermal imaging uses FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) cameras to detect heat fluctuations in your home. We find this technology gives us a much more complete picture of your home’s condition. It also helps us detect flaws and problems that an ordinary visual inspection might miss, and we can catch defects that might otherwise remain hidden. These images also provide supportive evidence of damages or problems in the same way regular digital photos do. 

Whether you are buying or selling a home, overlooked issues can be a detriment for both the home buyer and home seller. A home buyer could end up with costly repairs long after the home has been bought due to leaks or other issues not found by a visual inspection. The same goes for sellers wanting to make sure all problems are caught before they put the home on the market. With a thermal imaging inspection, you’ll have images of areas of concern so you can make decisions on repairs without anything unexpected cropping up later in the home buying process.

When you use thermal imaging cameras you can detect moisture build up behind walls and on the ceiling which may indicate leaks or seepage into the walls and ceilings from outside the home, or you can detect flaws and damage in insulation, or roof or slab leaks, as well as infestations by termites or other pests. Using this technology is a non intrusive way to find defects and the images can be used as evidence in your documentation in the same way digital photos can be used. 

This type of technology can also be used when assessing a home’s energy loss. Thermal imaging picks up heat fluctuations and cool spots. With an energy loss assessment, you can make repairs to HVAC systems, seal drafts, or add insulation to improve energy efficiency.

With commercial inspections, thermal imaging can be used similarly to discover spaces inside or outside of a building that may need to be repaired. 

Thermal imaging can be used to detect:

  • Roof leaks
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Slab leaks
  • Moisture and mold
  • Adequate insulation levels
  • Duct leaks
  • Pest infestations
  • Structural weaknesses

We use thermal imaging with all of our inspections and provide the images, along with photos and a detailed narrative report of all our findings, to our clients.

A Thermal Image of Warm Spots on Exterior of a Home.

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To get the most reliable and detailed results from a home inspection, you can depend on INTELLISPECT PROPERTY INSPECTION GROUP for our experience and use of technology like thermal imaging for inspections in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. To book an appointment, make an inspection request online or call us in Fort Worth at 817-590-2630 or Dallas at 972-359-8310.